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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Make this a time for renewing your writing wishes. Plan the next steps on your creative journey. If you have a few spare minutes – make a list. Pick something you can do this week towards a project you have always wanted to do but have, up till now, been too […]

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Writing Inspiration – April

The more you create – the more ideas you will find! Every idea can be recycled and used in different ways, so there is no reason to ever suffer from the dreaded ‘writer’s block.’ If this does happen, it can often be due to exhaustion – you’ve been working too hard and haven’t made time […]

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Writing Success: poetry, flash fiction & short story exercises

This book was published a year ago and is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.  You can buy it using the flash ‘buttons’ on the publications page of my website! “Writing Success” is a useful book for all writers. It encourages you to take the Alice in Wonderland approach – grow your words and […]

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Fortune’s Promise

Really excited that my book is now live on Kindle. I am now praying that people will read and enjoy it – and if possible – leave me a review (preferably a nice one!) As mentioned before, the book (originally entitled ‘Lucinda’s Luck’) has been a long time emerging into the light. The heroine came into […]

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