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Writing Inspiration – June

Inspiration is all around you. Take time to slow down for a few minutes every day and just observe what is going on around you. I find characters for my stories and poems on trains and buses, in cafes and in museums and libraries. Carry a notebook wherever you go. Jot down any brief details […]

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‘Curious Women’ & ‘Journey: from pathways to poems’

My long-awaited second poetry collection ‘Curious Women’ is now available.  The book is dedicated to my two grandmothers and the only great-grandmother I remember. It also commemorates all the women I’ve observed in cafes and other settings and those who have come to me in dreams.  I also include myself under the category of ‘curious.’ (You can take […]

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Writing Success: poetry, flash fiction & short story exercises

This book was published a year ago and is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.  You can buy it using the flash ‘buttons’ on the publications page of my website! “Writing Success” is a useful book for all writers. It encourages you to take the Alice in Wonderland approach – grow your words and […]

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Writing Inspiration – March

Go shopping for interesting characters. Sit in a shopping mall or café and, without making it too obvious, note down a few details about the people around you. See if you can use all the senses! Think about : The colour a person is wearing – or are they wearing something that clashes? What is […]

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A New Challenge 2017

My partner Bob Woodroofe has set me an interesting challenge for this year. As many of you know, I started writing a poem a day as my personal challenge for 2013 – and I found it generated so many great ideas that I’ve carried on doing it ever since. Obviously, not all the poems are […]

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