Writing Prompt – Thursday 15th October 2020

Think of writing as being a pathway that you are travelling – sometimes alone and sometimes with others. Before you start, have an idea of where you are going. You don’t need to know every detail. If you don’t find the right travelling companions, don’t be afraid to journey on alone for a while. Pause at intervals to take stock of where you are – and to change direction if you want to. Remember that this is your journey. Take your own path to publication. Don’t feel you need to copy someone else.

For today’s exercise – imagine you or one of your characters are walking this pathway. What year is it? (Remember you can go backwards or forwards in time!) Where is it? What can you/your character see, hear and smell? Something unexpected happens when they reach the end of this path? What is it? What happens next?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 8th October 2020

For this week’s writing prompt focus on the colours of the autumn leaves. Look at the contrast of the colours against the sky. What do you notice about the fallen leaves? Do you remember making leaf prints when you were a child? Do you still enjoy scuffling through the leaves when you go for a walk?

Create the beginning of a story set in the autumn. Who is the story about? Do they love or hate this time of year? Why?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 1st October 2020

The harvest has been gathered in and autumn is here in the UK. Think about what you can harvest from your writing. Make a list of projects you can work on over the winter. What could you complete between now and Christmas?

Don’t waste a good idea by only using it once. Do you have some poems that you could convert into flash fiction stories? Is there a short story you could turn into a monologue?

Create a short story inspired by the colours of the autumn leaves.


Writing Prompt – Thursday 24th September 2020

Happy Autumn Equinox! Traditionally, it is a time of harvest – grains and fruits and berries. It can also be a good time to harvest ideas. Look at the changing colours of the fields and hedgerows. Do you notice a different smell in the air? Take photos. Look at colours and textures. Write down what you notice like a sensory map. Create a poem or a flash fiction story. Think of a recipe that uses plums or apples. Create a story around it. What happens next?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 17th September

Create a story that features an unusual method of transport. If you’re stuck for inspiration think about the following:

A hot air balloon (as pictured).

A magic carpet.

A raft.

A spaceship.

A submarine.

A go-kart.

Is it being used as a means of escape from a situation? What happens next?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 10th September

Some UK telephone boxes have been put to different use – like this one in Warwickshire which is a mini library and information centre.

For this week’s prompt, imagine that you visit this and find something unexpected.

What happens next?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 3rd September 2020

There are two parts to this week’s writing prompt.

Firstly, imagine your character looking through a window. What do they see? What is likely to happen next? Take a large sheet of paper and scribble down as many ideas as you can think of.

Secondly, how has your view of the world changed over the last few months? Have your writing goals changed or have you discovered new ones? What would you like to have completed by Christmas?

Writing Prompt – Thursday 27th August

Ignore the wind and the rain outside and have fun creating a ‘twisted fairytale.’ Keep the basic structure but mix up a few of them and add a few different elements.

For instance, what if Goldilocks climbed the beanstalk instead of visiting the cottage where the three bears lived. What happened to the Fairy Godmother after she transformed Cinderella? What if Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood met – would they like each other or not?

Play with ideas – draw a series of pictures if you like or create a collage. Begin with: ‘Once upon a time…’  Did they all live happily ever after?


Writing Prompt – Thursday 20th August

This photo of the River Avon in Worcestershire UK was taken during a day of heavy showers.

For your writing prompt today, think about how a change in the weather could affect the story you’re writing. Agatha Christie made good use of heavy falls of snow to keep characters in their place – usually in a threatening situation.

Think about where the action is taking place, what has happened to the weather, how long is it likely to last and how could it affect the plot of your story. Take a large sheet of paper and scribble down as many ideas as you can. There are no wrong answers – only possibilities!

What is your character going to do? Write down all possible options.

You may find that more than one story emerges. Have fun!


Writing Prompt – Thursday 13th August

For this week’s prompt – go for a walk and take notice of what is happening in the hedgerows. Look at the different berries that are ripening – blackberries, sloes, hawthorn, rosehips and briony berries. Research the superstitions surrounding some of these. What do you remember from when you were a child?

Think about apples and plums ripening in the orchards. Could you set a story in an orchard?

Use the senses when you write!