Writing Prompt – Thursday 14th May

Now is a good time to re-set your writing compass. Think about:

  • where you are with your writing
  • where you would like to be by this time next year
  • who or what is stopping you

Think about the place where you write. Bear in mind that:

  • it is both an external and an internal space
  • the internal space may change according to the story you are writing
  • find a sensory short-cut to get to the place where the story lives – this could be a colour, a piece of music, a texture, scent or taste

Make a list of ten things you can achieve by this time next week. These don’t have to be big things:

  • do two pages of research that will add depth to your story
  • create a 250 word outline for a longer story
  • buy a new notebook

Take a first step towards where you would like to be next year. Remember that if you write 250 words a day every day then you would have 91,250 words by this time next year – enough for at least one novel!

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