Writing Prompt – Thursday 18th June

I am very thankful to see more rain today! The garden needed it.

When you’re working on a short story or novel, the weather can be an important element.

How does your character feel if he/she’s caught out in the rain? Maybe she likes the feeling of cool rain on her hot skin – or she’s stormed out of the house following an argument, not noticing what the weather was doing. What if she’s just paid a lot of money at the hairdressers and she doesn’t have an umbrella or a coat? What if he offers to share his umbrella with her? (Remember the pop song ‘Bus Stop’ by The Hollies? There’s a whole story in it!)

Think about thunderstorms or monsoon rain. What if a group of people are unable to leave a place because of the weather. What if one of them is a murderer?

Take a large sheet of paper, write the word ‘RAIN’ in the middle and circle it. See how many ideas and word associations you can create from this. Use the senses as much as you can – think about colours, sounds, smells and textures. What does the rain taste like?

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