Writing Prompt – Thursday 23rd April

If your writing space could be anything or anywhere today – what would it be? Allow yourself to dream. Are you in a log cabin in the mountains or a shack on the beach watching the sea?

If you’re finding motivation or inspiration difficult after four weeks of lock-down – then try one of the following:

  • Take a look at the work of Austin Kleon (www.austinkleon.com) and his Blackout Poetry. (For this you just need a page of newspaper text and a marker pen). Blank out all the words you don’t need and create a poem from your chosen words. (David Bowie used to begin writing song lyrics like this).
  • Take a poem or flash fiction story you wrote a while ago. Cut it up and glue the pieces down differently. Has it given you a new perspective?
  • Write the numbers 1 – 20 down the side of a piece of paper. Pick a word and write it at Number 1 – or 20 – whichever way you want to go. Don’t think too hard about this – keep scribbling the next word you think of – and the next – until you have 20 words. Then see if you’ve got a story thread that you can follow. Keep going.

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